“You just got, Aguero’d!!”

Last season, arguably one of the greatest EPL seasons in history, we were able to witness not only Manchester City win the title, but do it in such dramatic fashion that it left United fans scarred for life. Regardless of what a *rag will tell you, every rag alive that day will always remembered when they got “AGUERO’D!”

Watch Video clip to see what getting Augero’d is:

Last weekend, City and United met again. Even though City won the last two meetings between these two clubs and outscored United 7-1, they fell just short from pulling off a miraculous comeback, 3-2.

Regardless that City fell 3-2 to United, the members of Blue Moon Dallas were able to walk into the Londoner Addison and once again make sure that United fans would get Augero’d, again!

BLUE MOON DALLAS might have witnessed City lose the match Sunday, but they left the Londoner Addison established as a major supporters group in the DFW area!

Stuff for Legends!

*RAG – A derogatory term for fans of the Manchester United Football Club used only by fans of Manchester City. The term originated in WWII, when Old Trafford suffered damage as a result of German bombing, and United were temporarily forced to play at Manchester City’s grounds, which refers to United players, as “homeless rags”.

Today Rag can also mean- the “rag” originally referred to the maxi pad used when a woman is on her period. Since United is Red, and refer to themselves as the Reds or the Red Devils, they are also referred to by opposing club supporters as “Filthy rags” to symbolize they are cursed by God for choosing to support the Devil. 

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