BMD Biography – Juan Marin (12/26/2012)

Before you join Blue Moon Dallas each week at the Frisco Londoner, get to know us first hand here! Blue Moon Dallas is excited to be showing our readers and other soccer supporters an inside look into who we are. Each week we are sitting down with a different BMD member to help you get to know them. Through our interviews you will see the diverse background of the members we have. You will also see why we are all so passionate about our club, Manchester City. 

*Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My name is Juan and I’m originally from South America (Venezuela).

*Everyone has a personal reason why they choose to join up with an organization. Why did you choose to join the BMD?

Pure happenstance to be honest, but from the minute I saw the group cheering for MCFC at the Frisco Londoner against Real Madrid in a Champions League match, I felt relieved. I had been celebrating City goals alone in my living room until now, and truthfully there is no better way to enjoy a match than with a group of fellow City fans, chanting and having fun.

*What is your experience with Manchester City that made you fall in love with the club? 

I’ve been a fan if City since 2008. It took only watching one City match to relinquish all and any possibility of ever following any other English team. I’ve been a fan of La Liga (Spain) in my adulthood and the Argentine Primera Division since childhood. I knew from the start that City was my ticket to EPL, and after that one match though, I experienced an affinity with the team that has simply grown into a full-fledged passion at this point.

*If you had to pick just one player to call your favorite, who would it be and why? 

Carlitos Tevez. Sure, he was a filthy red before! Haha …but amid all the terrible misconceptions and labels you can throw at the guy, I have always regarded him (even since his Boca days) as a fearless player that leaves everything on the pitch.

*As a member of BMD, how has your experience been so far? 


*So we see that Blue Moon Dallas selected to make the Frisco Londoner their home pub. What are your thoughts on this? 

Blue Moon Dallas Couldn’t have picked a better place. It’s close to me and it’s perhaps the best pub to watch a football match in the Frisco area.

*Last question, last season we all saw the dirty rags singing when they thought they had won the championship. Where were you when Aquero scored? What did that goal mean to you? 

I was in my living room, anxious, knowing well what it meant to end with anything less than our 3 points. I almost felt like looking away from the television set on the last few minutes, but then luckily I witnessed the touch of magic at the very end… Aguero, Telli, back to Aguero… AGUEROOOO!!! And as we all know, the rest is history. EPIC fucking history (and some well-deserved silverware).

Well there you have it City supporters! You have just had an insight look at one of our Blue Moon Dallas members, Juan Marin.


City is a club that can completely capture you and win over your heart. It’s not easy being City, and it never has been. Regardless of who we have on our team or what we are looking to do, City will always be a club of the people that win by pure work ethic. Manchester City is lucky to have great supporters like the ones here in Blue Moon Dallas. 

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