BMD Biography – Mark Mulv (1/22/2013)

Before you join Blue Moon Dallas each week at the Londoner Frisco, get to know us first hand here! Blue Moon Dallas is excited to be showing our readers an inside look into who we are. Each week we are sitting down with a different BMD member to help you get to know them. Through our interviews you will see the diverse background of the members we have. You will also see why we are all so passionate about our club, Manchester City. This week we were lucky to catch up with BMD VP Mark Mulvanny! 

(Mark on Left)

*Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?
My name is Mark Mulvanny.  The nickname for the men in my family has always been “Mulv”, so I answer to that too :). I was born in Oldham, England at an early age.  I am a 3rd generation Blue, after my father and his father (both from Ardwick)  I’m a proper glory hunter!  
*Everyone has a personal reason why they choose to join up with an organization. Why did you choose to join the BMD?
Because there is nothing in all of sports like the bond between City fans.  I love the enthusiasm of the leaders of this group, and I want to help make this a successful and “one-of-a-kind” organization.
*What is your experience with Manchester City that made you fall in love with the club? 
This has always been an arranged marriage 🙂  My Dad, my Uncle, and my two Grandad’s first took me to watch City when I was 4 years old.  I don’t think I ever “fell in love”.  It has just always been a part of me.  
My experience with City now is all about still being able to connect with my Dad and my Grandads (may they all rest in peace) even though they are gone.  It’s about making being a City fan as exciting for my kids as my Dad made it for me.  If my Dad would have been here when Aguero scored on May 13th, we would still be hugging at this very minute. I guarantee it 🙂
*If you had to pick just one player to call your favorite, who would it be and why? 
My favorite player growing up was Paul Simpson.  He was a winger who constantly took on defenders and had fantastic pace with the ball.  My Dad took me to the Full Members Cup Final at Wembley in 1986 when I was 10 years old.  We played Chelsea and were down 5-1 with six minutes to go.  Paul Simpson came on as a substitute, and City clawed the score back to 5-4.  The 30,000 Chelsea fans were in stunned silence, and 10 year old Mulv stood up and delivered a chant of “you’re not singing anymore!”  I soon felt a sharp tug on my collar and my Dad yanked me back down into my seat.  You see, my Dad got the tickets from his mate who was a Chelsea fan.  I was smack in the middle of those 30,000 Chelsea fans, singing on my own.  And if you know anything about English football fans in the 1980’s, you know why my Dad pulled me down 🙂
*Have you ever been to Manchester, and if not when do you plan on visiting? 
Never been.  Looks a bit shit to be honest.  Would rather go down south and have a shandy with some proper football fans.
*As a member of BMD, how has your experience been so far? 
Very enjoyable!  Especially the derby.  I didn’t really see the match.  Was too busy winding the Dallas Rags up with conga lines and Agueroooooo re-enactments.  We had a magnificent time that day, and the fact that we lost, but still had a blast, tells you everything you need to know about BMD.
*So we see that Blue Moon Dallas selected to make the Frisco Londoner their home pub. What are your thoughts on this? 
The Londoner in Frisco has been so good to us.  They let us create a fun atmosphere and they really take care of us.  I look forward to getting more engaged with them, and driving more soccer fans into that place.  
*Last question, last season we all saw the dirty rags singing when they thought they had won the championship. Where were you when Aquero scored? 
I was in my living room because I’m a superstitious old fool.  It seemed like every time I went out to watch City in a big match, we would lose.  I stayed at home for the FA Cup semifinal vs. United, the final vs. Stoke, the 6-1 at the swamp, and the 1-0 Vincent Kompany dagger.  All wins.   I wasn’t about to jinx it.
Obviously I was borderline suicidal after 92 minutes.  I didn’t even flinch when Dzeko scored.  Too little too late.  Typical City.
Then it happened.  I’m not going to lie and tell you I “believed”.  I’ve spent 37 years watching epic City failures, and United winning everything.  In that moment of indescribable emotion, I leapt off the couch and ripped off my Mike Summerbee throwback jersey and started circling my living room like a tornado in a trailer park.  I was screaming and crying in equal measure, scaring the living daylights out of my children.  “WE DID IT!!! WE F**KING DID IT!!!”, was all I could say. Over and over again.  I was laughing like a deranged lunatic, with tears streaming down my face.
What did that goal mean to you? 
Absolutely everything.  Nothing short of it.  The way it unfolded was perfection.  If you are going to win the league after 44 years, do it by beating your arch nemesis twice.  One of which should be the worst defeat in their bully of a manager’s career.  A 6-1 massacre in front of their arrogant, glory hunting fans.  Do it on the last day of the season, with the last kick of the game, while those same fans are celebrating the title they think they’ve won.
When I tell people that May 13th 2012 was the greatest day of my life, they frown at me and point at my two beautiful children, and my charming wife.  But the thing is… I always knew I was going to marry someone special and have children.  That was always the plan.  Yet never in my life, in my wildest dreams, did I think I’d see Manchester City win the league.  Especially not like that.

Well there you have it City supporters! You have just had an inside look at one of our Blue Moon Dallas members and our BMD VP, Mulv! 

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