A Citizen Abroad

Episode 1: The Beginning
lubbock14It has been 1 month and 15 days since I arrived in Lubbock, Texas. The City of Angels; at least I think that’s what the name means. I’m not really sure, I’ve never been very good at geography. This is a city with absolutely no soccer culture, and it’s eating me alive. The lack of English-style pubs doesn’t help either. Without these, it is very difficult to find like minded individuals outside of my own home. It is because of this footy void, that I have decided to start this blog. A blog that will describe, along with other things, my new life away from my supporters club, Blue Moon Dallas. There will be varying posts by me that will all relate to soccer in some way, whether it be match analysis, current events in the “soccersphere”, thoughts on upcoming BMD events, or posts from a recently hacked computer based diary of a certain Serbian left back. My match analysis posts will be up before the end of the day on most game days, providing I haven’t drowned myself in Guinness as I’ve been known to do. I will also be posting progress reports as I attempt to build a Lubbock branch, or at least grow the culture out here. Hopefully you all don’t find me to be a horrible bore and actually enjoy reading my mindless ramblings while I am in this backwards desert village. Until next time friends, I leave you with this, a short excerpt from the recently hacked diary.

“I never meant to take as many lives as this, but it is my life now,
and those in my way will feel my rage. Also, I am fan of new
Nike shoes that are purple and pink.”

Keep calm and give it bloody Yaya.

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One Response to A Citizen Abroad

  1. Mark Mulv says:

    lmao. keep em coming lad.

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