A Citizen Abroad; Vincent Kompany: Defender, Captain, Owner?

Vincent Kompany: Defender, Captain, Owner?


Vincent Kompany has purchased third division Belgian side FC Bleid, and is looking to turn the club on its head. This includes asking the fans to rename the club, deleting the website (westartfromscratch.com), and appointing trusted friends in high profile positions at the club. You can head to the new website if you’d like to offer up your suggestion for a new club name, let’s not be tasteless (You all know I don’t go for tasteless humor.) These naming ideas are sent directly to the big man.
Pretty impressive stuff from Kaptain Kompany, in my opinion. In a day and age where footballers spend money on huge mansions, yachts, or camouflage painted bentleys…cough Mario cough…it is very refreshing to see someone giving back to the sport that made them. This is just another example of how Vincent Kompany is building his legacy at City, as as how he has become a great role model for young footballers. For the full story, check out the link below. Also, you can follow Vinnie on twitter @VincentKompany


Thanks for the reads and continued support whilst I’ve been in Never Never Land everybody. BIG, HUGE, GARGANTUAN news to come from your’s truly and BMD in the coming hours/days.

Cheers Blues!

Joey McCune

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