A Citizen Abroad; The Wandering Blue Returns!!!

Episode 4: The Wandering Blue Returns!!!

For months I have wandered through the desert with my sky blue kit. Through blizzards and sandstorms I have sung on high the songs of Manchester City into the vast nothingness that is Lubbock. But, all of that is about to change. This weekend, for the FA Cup Semifinal, the long lost son of Blue Moon Dallas returns home for the first time in a long time. Months of energy, enthusiasm, and Dedryck Boyata chants will be unloaded at The Londoner Frisco. I will finally be able to meet all of the new members of my beloved group, and I’ll get to see my old friends! My Blue family. To those of you that are new to BMD and have no idea who I am, I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into the group that occupies a massive chunk of my heart. To those of you that were there in the beginning, (you know who you are) I can’t wait to sing, chant, and Poznan with you once again!

So, on Sunday, let’s have the whole of Blue Moon Dallas out to the pub. I can’t wait to meet you all and spend the morning with the greatest supporters group in all the land.

See you on Sunday Blues…
The Citizen Abroad
Joey McCune

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