A Citizen Abroad; FA Cup Final Week!

F.A. Cup Final Week!


Three major trophies in three years. On Saturday, May 11, 2013 that is what Roberto Mancini and Manchester City football club will be playing for. Should the Sky Blues beat (relegation threatened) Wigan at Wembley, they will have captured their second F.A. Cup in three years. This streak of seasons with silverware is something that most City supporters have never experienced until now. With that being said, I am taking it upon myself to chronicle the roller coaster ride that has been Manchester City’s history. Each day this week I will upload a post about City’s past leading up to the F.A. Cup Final this Saturday. We will start with an in depth history of the club. When did they start? What have they been through? And other things of the like. After that we will take a look at the F.A. Cup run from the 2010/11 season. Wednesday will be all about our club winning the Premiership last season. Thursday I will provide you all of the information you need to know about the watching party on Saturday, and why you can’t afford to miss it. Friday, depending on how I’m feeling (you know me and my drink), I may put up a pre-match blog about how I see the match playing out, tactics and everything.
Right, off we go Blues! I hope you like what I put out there this week, and I hope that it gets you as excited as it gets me. Cheers!

The Citizen Abroad
(Who the fook is) Joey McCune
@jtmccune on twitter

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