A Citizen Abroad: A word about the Chelsea game

We lost to the better team on the night; let’s all calm down a bit though.


Jose Mourinho out managed Manuel Pellegrini. That’s just how it’s been since these two started competing against each other. City were beaten at home, despite having the majority of the possession and a ton of shots. But sometimes that happens. This is football. There’s no need for moaning about Chelsea parking the bus, because they didn’t. They played great counter attacking football, and we couldn’t score. That is exactly how it went down.

This is the part where I might rub some people the wrong way but, if you know me, that’s kind of my thing. Some of us need to pump the brakes. When we went down 0-1 there was panic everywhere. Why? Seriously, why? Because we weren’t as stellar as we had been all season and gave up a goal? Since when is that a reason to panic? I’ve seen this club come back from being down 1 more times than I can even remember. This match should act as a reality check for some of us. Sure, we lost. But a loss to Chelsea without three of our best players out is nothing to panic about. Have you already forgotten about being in the second and third division? We are still very much in the title race. We are in the round of 16 in the Champions League. We are still in the FA Cup. Oh, and we are in the final of the League Cup. So before we get all worried, let’s remember where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we are going.

I’ll step off my soap box and stop wagging my finger now. Sometimes you need matches like this so that you can learn from them. So let’s dig into this a bit. First off, I just want everyone to know that it’s okay. Sometimes you lose, it’s how this sport works. We will regroup, the gaffer will pour over the tape and make changes, and the season will go on. Secondly, this season was never going to be a cakewalk for anyone. Not for Chelsea, not for Arsenal, not for Liverpool, and certainly not for us. This campaign will come down to the last few games of the season, and that’s okay. We aren’t the only ones that are going to have tough games, or a congested schedule, or injury issues. So going forward, our club needs to take it one game at a time and focus on taking maximum points from the remaining matches. Lastly, let’s take a look at our squad. Sure, we have some important injuries, but we also have some players that can use this as an opportunity to shine. Jesus Navas was magnificent against Chelsea. He created chance after chance, we just couldn’t finish them. He worked up and down the right wing and always looked a threat. The best news about him? He’s only getting better. The more he plays with Zaba, the better he looks. Jesus saves, don’t forget it. There is another player that showed some promise tonight. Stevan Jovetic came on as a sub around the hour mark and he added something to the match that our starting strikers lacked. The problem with starting two big Number 9 style strikers is that they tend to make the same runs, and they need the ball played to them to really impact the match. With Agüero we have a striker that is all over the pitch and you never know what type of run he is going to make. Jovetic is sort of a combination of the Agüero style player, and the Number 9. Jovetic is very comfortable dropping off his striker partner and finding the ball in midfield. He also has the pace and trickery to beat a defender off the dribble. And, as we saw towards the end of the match, he is not scared to take a shot from outside the box through traffic. His powerful, curling effort at the end of the match was a beauty, but he was matched by Chelsea’s keeper. In Agüero’s absence, we may see Jovetic start to show why we paid so much money to bring him in.

All in all, these are great times to be a Manchester City supporter. Sure, there have been some bumpy patches this season, but there is no need to fret. We we’re second best tonight. The difference between us and other supporters is that we know when we’ve been bested, and we don’t have to complain or hide. We are realistic about it. We lost, Chelsea carried out Mourinho’s plan magnificently. Fair play to them. It is a long season folks, and City have a lot more in their locker. Wear the crest proud with your head held high. You are a City supporter and adversity has been your closest acquaintance your entire life. This too shall pass, Blues. On to the next one! CTID!

A Citizen Abroad

W.T.F.I. Joey McCune

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