BMD Biography – Todd Oliver (3/20/14)

We haven’t done one of these in a while, but let’s hear from more BMD members about themselves and their City experience!!!  Today’s BMD Bio is from Todd Oliver.  You know this lad is “Madferit”.


Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

I’m Todd Oliver. I was born in NJ but have lived in Plano, TX since age 5. So I consider Texas my home.

Everyone has a personal reason why they choose to join up with an organization. Why did you choose to join BMD?

Being new to English football and technically not having a team yet, I went on a yearlong tour of 5-6 supporters clubs. Very few were impressive and none really grabbed a hold of me or my son Alex. I actually enjoyed the experience for the most part getting to see how each supporters club had different traditions and atmospheres. I emailed the BMD website and was immediately recruited and made to feel very welcome. The club actually chose me not the other way around and the first night I met everyone, I knew I had found my home with BMD. It is the only club that I feel truly has a family atmosphere and brotherhood. Whether you’ve been watching 1 day or 50 years, everyone is treated the same. A Blue is a Blue.

What is your experience with Manchester City that made you fall in love with the club?

The very first match I ever saw in the Premier League was on May 13, 2012 (MCFC 3- QPR 2) I could not believe what I was seeing.  My heart was breaking. I was crying and I had no dog in the fight. But hearing the back story before and during the match, I wanted to see Man City get the title. Seeing the supporters crying was pulling my heart and I was sobbing but didn’t know why. My son was looking at me like I was crazy, but I really felt the pain looking at those faces and reactions in the stands. Then the equalizer followed by the most amazing goal by Aguero. I was jumping up and down with my son yelling and crying that City had done it. I had chills running up and down my spine, I re-watched that moment at least 10 times that day. It was the best sports moment I had experienced in any sport and it was my first match I ever watched. I was hooked immediately. But I told myself, I couldn’t choose City (having just won the title, not wanting to be a glory hunter) until I gave it a full year the next season watching with an open mind to all teams (except the Rags) But City chose me that day to be a supporter, there was no denying it, and I knew all year in my heart.

If you had to pick just one player to call your favorite, who would it be and why?

David Silva.  He glides across the pitch like a piece of lost lightning.  He sees things on the pitch that no one else does. He always finds space and the beauty of his game is amazing. He’s an artist on the pitch. Maybe the smallest in stature, but has the biggest heart. He’s Merlin.

Best City goal you’ve seen?

The best City goal I’ve ever seen is without a doubt the Yaya Toure 30 yd bender in the top corner vs Sunderland in the Capital One Cup final vs Sunderland when we were 1-0 down. It was an amazing strike from distance and the keeper was helpless to even come close to it. It was a stunner for sure and it was the catalyst we needed to win the Cup.

Have you seen City play in person?

I have never seen City play in person, but that will all change May 11, 2014. I will see Man City play West Ham at The Etihad!

As a member of BMD, how has your experience been so far?

BMD has been the greatest sports experience I could ever imagine. Every match is like a Super Bowl party. Best 2 hours of my week. I’ve made friends with some of the best folks I have ever met and feel like I have a new family for lifetime to come.

Blue Moon Dallas watches matches at The Londoner Frisco. What are your thoughts on the pub?

The Heart of The City is such a great pub to watch City play their matches.  It’s by far the best venue I have been to in DFW for football.

Where were you when Aguero scored?

I was at my house in Plano with my son Alex in our sports room. That’s the genesis of our Manchester City fanaticism.

Last question.  Most memorable game or moment with BMD?

The League Cup win vs. Sunderland 3-1. We were grown men hugging, teary eyed, and singing our hearts out. I feel blessed to have been with BMD for our first ever hardware as a supporters club. Champagne all around and I have the Rolls Royce group picture framed in my office to remember the experience!


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