BMD Biography – Liz Inga (5/28/14)

Introducing one of our members since Day 1 of Blue Moon Dallas. Liz Inga!



-Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

Hi all! I’m Liz, born and bred in Dallas. My parents are from Peru so I was practically raised with a soccer ball at my feet-it’s in my blood. I’m a pediatric occupational therapist which can be stressful, so I look forward to letting loose every weekend-though City can be a different kind of stress! I’ve even converted my brother, Marcus, and we’ve become even more close through our love of City. PS-We’re working on our other brother, and the big fish-our dad!

-Everyone has a personal reason why they choose to join up with an organization. Why did you choose to join BMD?

I grew up going to the old Dallas Tornado games and made it to one in Lima, Peru-ultras made it scary yet thrilling. BMD is about as close as I can get to that kind of game experience until I get to one. I’m just glad everybody is so active and loud. I’ve never been a cheerleader type, but you can’t help but lose your voice and I love it.

-What is your experience with Manchester City that made you fall in love with the club?

No. 1 has to be the fans, esp the life long fans that have followed City through it all and the Manc humor that I’m still getting used to-those chants! Then you see what Sheikh Mansour is doing in Manchester and how can you not be proud? Ofc, there’s the never say die, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat players and manager.

-If you had to pick just one player to call your favorite, who would it be and why?

David Silva. Muy hermoso…oh yeah and he’s great player!


-Best ever City goal?

Yaya’s for the FA win…Kompany’s header vs Rags…technically? I’ll be biased and say Silva’s 1st PL goal for City vs Blackpool. It had jinking and passed 3 players.

-Have you seen City play in person?

This SUMMER i will!!!

-As a member of BMD, how has your experience been so far?

Wonderful. It’s such an open, friendly group. My family is impressed I actually wake up early on a weekend morning, and it’s worth it.

-Blue Moon Dallas watches matches at The Londoner Frisco. What are your thoughts on the pub?

I’ve always liked The Londoner. Great beer, good atmosphere.

-Most memorable game or moment with BMD?

Has to be the conga line vs Rags at the Addison Londoner. Even though we lost and I didn’t join in, that’s when I knew I had found truly passionate and proud fans. I was hooked.

-Last question. Where were you when Aguero scored?

LOL, I had left Marcus and my dad to go home to rant and rave alone. When Agueroooo happened, I was running around my house screaming and crying at the same time!


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