BMD Council Leaders

President – Mark Mulv AKA “Mulv”

Vice President – Vinesh Kavassery

Vice President – Virgil Werley

Minister of Propaganda – (Who The Fook Is) Joey McCune

Social Media Executive – Joel Buchanan AKA “El Macho”

The purpose of the BMD council? 

The BMD council is made up of the BMD Leaders. Our job is to meet and discuss the progress and future of our group. Our main objective is to support Manchester City by keeping the group organized, and all of our members informed on the direction, changes, and events, for Blue Moon Dallas.
When does Blue Moon Dallas Council meet?
The BMD Council meets once a month. 
Who can speak at a council meeting? 
Any Blue Moon Dallas member has the right to attend and speak at a council meeting. We strongly encourage all BMD members to show up to council meetings with idea’s and suggestions. Only Council leaders can vote on decisions for the group. 
How long does the council meeting usually last?
Council meetings can last from an hour to 2 hours pending the business that needs to be discussed. 


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